Bio-Kino was established in 2004 by Tanja Visosevic and Guy Ben-Ary. Shortly after Bruce Murphy joined the group.

Bio-Kino asks what is the role of bio-art?
For us bio-art asks us to look into the beyond, because although bio-technology may extend life, it also looks into the mirror of death.

Bio-Kino invites collaborators to work with, depending on the technical and conceptual requirements of the project. ‘The Living Screen’ is the first project initiated Bio-Kino.

Tanja Visosevic [aka. tanya vision & tanya V]
is currently completing her PhD. at Murdoch University, is a film and video lecturer at Edith Cowan University and a film critic for ABC720 radio. a moving image artist & film theorist, her work spans installation through to video phone micro-movies and television documentary. most recently her work has screened as part of Microcinema's Touring International Screening Program, 'Independent Exposure'. TV often cross-pollinates her work with bio-art and/or performance.
Guy Ben Ary
working with emerging medias in particular in the area of art & biology. An artist in resident in SymbioticA - The Art & Science Collaborative Lab, since 2000. He specializes in microscopy, biological & digital imaging & artistic visualization of biological metter His Main research area is cybernetics and the interface of biological material to robotics. Member of the SymbioticA Research Group that developed "MEART - the semi living artist" project ( Collaborated with the Tissue Culture & Art Project for 4 years (1999 - 2003). Guy worked as a Research Fellow in the neuro-engineering Lab, Georgia tech, Atlanta, USA, 2006. The "living screen" is one of his newly developed projects. Guy is taking a MFA course in the school of arts, UWA and has a law degree from Tel Aviv University .
Bruce Murphy
Bruce Murphy is an Optical Engineer working in the field of biomedical  diagnostics. A Perth native with degrees in Computer Science and  Electronic Engineering he is currently completing a PhD with The Optical+Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at the  University of Western Australia in tissue modelling and the design of  spectroscopic diagnostic tools. BioKino is his first major art collaboration but he has preexisting interests in electronic music,  human performance interfaces and Artificial Intelligence.