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"The Monstrous Other" Installation

The monstrous other is the first installation of the living screen. It was developed for the 2006 BEAPWORKS exhibition and was installed in the John Curtin Gallery, Perth, West Australia.

In this installation we decided to play with and change some of aesthetics usualy attached to exhibiting Biological Art. We tried to combine BioArt, science, magic and a traveling show.We designed the bioprojector to look like a fusion of a coffins & a kinetoscope. The bioprojector was installed on/in a travelling road case. The travelling road case aligns The Living Screen project with early cinemas regular appearance in sideshow entertainment. The spectator had to peer through the Bio-Projector as an individual, one at a time, to engage with the mutation between the Nano-Movie and the living screen. The act of display is framed further with The Living Screen installed as a freak show. Sideshow canvases advertise the mutation between the movie and the screen as microscopic monsters, while the Bally talkers [performed by Tanja Visosevic, Guy Ben-Ary, Bruce Murphy] drumed up the thrill and curiosity of the spectators waiting their turn in the Bio-Parlour.

We had 3 live performnces as well as a permanent exhibit. Each one of the performances included a different tissue screen. We worked with 3 screens & 3 Nano movies:

  1. A screen made of mouse cornea in "The Curse of the Uncanny Eye", starring Barbara Creed as the Monstrous-Other.

  2. A screen made of living blood cells in I Spit On Your blood starring Lloyd Kaufman

  3. A screen grown from skin cells in The invasion of the Cellular Dentata, the world’s smallest living skin flick, starring Barbara Creed eating Lloyd Kaufman.