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I spit on your blood : The Blood Screen
Starring Lloyd Kaufman
20th July 2007 John Curtin Gallery , Western Australia .

In 1974 Lloyd Kaufman founded TROMA Films, the home of crass horror flicks such as Girls School Screamers [1986], Tromeo & Juliet [1996] and TerrorFirmer [1999]. The main ingredients of Troma Films are buckets of blood, promiscuous sexuality and slapstick violence delivered through low-budget special effects.

In his book “Make Your Own Damn Movie” Lloyd has a section on ‘E-Z Bake Special Effects Recipes for Boys and Girls’ including directions on how to make fake blood, crush heads and tear off limbs. I SPIT ON YOUR BLOOD is a Slasher film that references the Troma formula, starring Lloyd Kaufman as himself and employing his special effects recipe of The Severed Penis.

Kaufman explains…

“Once employed exclusively by gay snuff porn films, the severed penis effect has grown in popularity in recent years. All you need to do is paint a banana flesh coloured, run a tube of blood through one end, and you’ve got yourself and instant dick to hack off. You just need to show a few seconds of the banana. For the rest of the gag, just have your actor scream like a banshee while you pump gallons of blood out of his fly. Cinema magic!”

The Bio-Kino of The Living Screen, through its “practices of attraction, distraction, tactility, shock and repetition… make for healing and sorcery.[1]” I SPIT ON YOUR BLOOD re-animates in Troma fashion. Kaufman has stated that for him “blood is the vitality of life!” Do you dare to indulge in the Schlock and Splatter of I SPIT ON YOUR BLOOD? Will the Blood Screen bring you back to life?

1. Savage Theory